Virtex Esports Stadium

The world’s first virtual esports stadium, Virtex, hosts a live event

Software developer Virtex has announced a live virtual esports event ahead of the launch of Virtex Stadium, which is billed as the world’s first virtual esports stadium.

Virtex Stadium gives gamers the ability to watch top esports tournaments from anywhere in the world, via Virtual Reality (VR).

Currently available in closed beta via Oculus PC-VR on compatible VR headsets, Virtex is teaming up with the National Esports Professional Association (NEPA) to host a dedicated stadium Echo VR event on December 17-18, 2022 that will see some of the best Echo VR esports teams compete against each other.

The event will feature the full Virtex stadium experience for the first time, allowing users to watch live 3D esports competitions with other fans, with the ability to jump and float alongside players as they compete in the Echo VR arena.

Besides Echo VR, Virtex also says it will bring “some of the best esports titles in the world to the platform” in 2023, with one in particular to be announced early next year.

Virtex was founded in 2020 and is based in London, UK, with team members also based in Finland, Germany, Romania and Spain. Virtex consists of a team of gaming and technology industry professionals from esports teams and major studios like G2 Esports, Riot Games, Ubisoft, ESL, Activision, Sony and more.

Virtex’s 3D experience of being able to view gameplay from the center of the stadium is a world first and forms the foundation of Virtex’s ambition “to become the home of gaming’s most memorable and unique events”.

Experiencing moments at the same time is guaranteed with everyone in the stadium receiving the same synchronized live stream.

Social integration is also another important part of the Virtex Stadium experience, according to the company, with fans able to create a full 3D avatar of themselves using Ready Player Me technology (a cross-platform avatar platform). -game in partnership with Virtex).

Once ready, fans are free to enter the lobby and move around the lounge bar and main lobby, ideal chill-out spaces to meet friends and fellow fans, and together they can experience some hidden games and interactions here.

Virtex has also partnered with Modulate to use ToxMod voice moderation software to “ensure that any toxic or abusive behavior is identified and addressed quickly”.

Virtex Stadium was created by co-founders Tim McGuinness and Christoph Ortlepp after meeting at a VR League Finals in 2019, where they realized they shared a vision to redefine the fan experience of esports.

Former Team Gravity Echo VR player Tim McGuinness was in the cast at the time and after sharing a very early prototype of Virtex Stadium, it convinced tech entrepreneur Christoph Ortlepp of its potential. This ultimately led to the creation of Virtex in 2020.

The company recently welcomed venture capitalists, who were also early investors in Oculus and RecRoom, as well as, a new gaming and XR-focused fund that has invested in, among other things, Ready Player. Me. This new funding builds on the funding round that took place earlier this year.

“As a fan, even if you’re not playing the game itself, you’re just as excited, excited and passionate about the big moments as the gamers themselves,” said Tim Mcguinness, CEO and co-founder of Virtex.

“We want to bring fans as close to the action as possible and by removing the limitations of 2D screens, Virtex Stadium has created an experience that blasts everything else.”

Tim McGuiness, Virtex

“I can tell you personally how intense playing Echo VR at the highest level is and the viewing experience offered by Virtex Stadium is the closest you can get.”

Since its partnership with Meta and Ready at Dawn in February 2022, beta testing for Echo VR in the Virtex stadium has taken place. Virtex says it has seen positive results so far and is accelerating its plans and preparing to welcome more players.

Expect more announcements in 2023.

You can find more information about Virtex, the stadium and how to become a beta tester at

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