Needy Fund provides Upper Cape woman with housing and food aid

Needy Fund provides Upper Cape woman with housing and food aid

Often, when we are in the middle of a crisis, we do not see how to get out of it. Such was the case of a woman residing in Haut Cap who had lived with her mother and sister in the same residence for more than 35 years.

After the death of her elderly mother, the woman, who works in the health field, contracted a debilitating illness which forced her to convalesce in a short-term rehabilitation centre. While there, her sister, with whom she was also living, died unexpectedly.

The grieving woman suddenly became responsible for 100% of the housing costs she previously shared with her brother and parents. The waiting list for an affordable one-bedroom rental is very long, but with no other immediate housing option, she had to stay in her current rental until a smaller unit became available.

The added pressure of potentially being evicted and losing her home was unbearable. Fortunately, the woman contacted the Cape Cod Times Needy Fund.

Susan Johnson is the director of the Cape Cod Times Needy Fund.  In January 2022, she was photographed at the Needy Fund office in Hyannis.  (Photo: Merrily Cassidy/Cape Cod Times)

Working with other social service agencies, the Needy Fund provided her with housing assistance, heating oil and food stamps to help her get through this difficult time until she could return to work. while looking for suitable rental accommodation.

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Many social service agencies provide assistance to people in need, but the Cape Cod Times Needy Fund has been helping since 1936 with a host of immediate, short-term emergencies such as food, rent, medical bills and others. basic expenses. In 2022, the Needy Fund received over 7,500 requests for assistance in November and provided direct financial assistance to over 4,000 clients.

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