Eddie by Giddy Review 2023: Is This ED Device Worth It?  My Experience on Eddie by Giddy for Erectile Dysfunction

Eddie by Giddy Review 2023: Is This ED Device Worth It? My Experience on Eddie by Giddy for Erectile Dysfunction

Giddy’s Eddie is an ED ring designed to help maintain an erection. ED rings can be useful alone or in addition to ED medications.


According to the manufacturer, the device is created with comfort and pleasure in mind. It works to improve an erection, unlike standard circular devices, which the manufacturer claims can actually work against it.

Unlike other ED round rings, Eddie by Giddy is horseshoe and U-shaped. The form is intended to prevent urethral constriction.

It goes around the base of the penis, just like a cock ring, but only one side of the device is open. A tension band is wrapped around the open end of the ring to exert pressure on the penis.

It is intended to prevent urethral obstruction. According to the company, this results in a more spontaneous and pleasurable ejaculation than traditional cock rings. It also contains augmentation ridges for the enjoyment of its mate.

People do not need a prescription to buy this product.

Who is Eddie by Giddy for?

This ED ring is for anyone looking for a non-pharmaceutical method of maintaining an erection without the need for medication. However, it can be used in addition to ED medicine if prescribed by a doctor.

Thanks to its U-shape, this gadget is for people who want an ED ring that is easy to put on or take off.

It is constructed from silicone, making it an alternative for those who want a nicer material than metal ED rings. Due to the fact that learning how to use and size your Eddie by Giddy gadget may take some trial and error, it is best suited for patient people as they figure out how to use it properly and discover the size that works best for them. .

Why try Giddy’s Eddie?

Prescription drugs do not help all cases of erectile dysfunction. Additionally, they do not interact well with certain medications and are contraindicated for people with a history of heart problems. In addition, they can induce side effects such as headaches, flushing and vision changes.

In this context, medical gadgets come into play. Although vacuum pumps and surgically implanted penile prostheses are typical solutions, they may not be optimal for everyone.

ED rings, like Giddy’s Eddie, are generally less scary therapy choices. You can also use them with medication; this can be a useful alternative if you are unable to achieve excitement with the ring or medication alone.

See prices and availability for Eddie by Giddy

Method of use

Before making a purchase, people should determine their device size based on the thickness of the penis and how often they suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED).

Using their “Locate My Size” survey to answer a few quick questions will help users find the right size. Buyers do not want a product that is too tight or too loose as this will make it ineffective.

Eddie by Giddy will arrive with three components:

  • the basic U-shaped gadget
  • a blue colored tension band for loose constriction
  • an orange colored tension band for tight constriction.

Individuals will use only one tension band at a time, and they should experiment with each band separately to determine which works best.

The gadget will be placed around the shaft of the penis with the entrance facing down. Eddie by Giddy can be worn whether the wearer is flaccid or erect.

Note that the device will be positioned in front of the testicles and at the base of the penis; this is an essential detail to keep in mind. The device should not restrict the movement of the testicles or scrotum in any way.

Extend the tension band on both ends of the gadget so that it fits snugly and comfortably around the penis. It should fit snugly but not cause discomfort or be so loose that it slides freely.

Alternatively, the tension band can be put on first, then Eddie by giddy can be inserted. It should then be slid down the shaft of the penis until it reaches its base.

To minimize unwanted rubbing or tugging, the manufacturer suggests applying a safe, good quality lubricant if desired to apply Eddie by Giddy in this manner.

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Eddie by Giddy is available as a single pack for $188 and a two-pack for $298 on the company’s website and Amazon. It is not protected by insurance and is significantly more expensive than the average ED ring, which costs around $20.

The same price applies to all sizes.


The size is determined by the circumference of the penis and the recurrence of Symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

On the company’s website, shoppers must answer three brief questions to determine their ideal size. Then they can determine if it is a size A, B, C or D.

When applied to the base of the penis, the gadget should fit snugly but should not be painful. According to the firm, a tighter fit is better than a loose fit. If buyers are not sure about their size, it is better to size down.

If they choose the wrong size, the company will provide the correct size at no additional cost.


Negligible to no adverse effects.

If Eddie by Giddy is used as directed, users are unlikely to experience any of the potential side effects associated with erectile dysfunction medications.

Comfortable design and experience.

Material and shape are ergonomically developed. Eddie by Giddy will not obstruct the urethra like other ED rings.

Pleasure partner. The design includes ridges to enhance feel for the wearer’s companion.

Several sizes available.

Organization helps with resizing, just in case the first selection is the wrong size.

Size matters. Operation mostly depends on finding the right size, however, the company’s website provides resizing assistance.

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The inconvenients

A steep learning curve

Some reviewers say the item pinches them as they learn to use it.

Can be expensive. Since the device expands with use, users will need to change it every few months. Charges may accrue and insurance does not cover the ring.

Must be put on with both hands. Eddie by Giddy may require more skill than a conventional constriction ring, which only requires a simple loop around the penis and a slight pull to tighten. Users must hold the ring in place while attaching the bottom band.


Can Eddie by Giddy be used with other ED treatments?

Eddie by Giddy is compatible with ED medications, vacuum pumps, and other ED therapies if prescribed by a physician.

How to wear Eddie by Giddy?

Place the ring on your penis, with the opening down and in front of the testicles.

Attach the tension bands to the ends of the ring. The blue band corresponds to reduced pressure, while the orange band corresponds to maximum constriction.

If you have less hand strength, you can alternatively loop the tension band all the way around the product before placing it on the penis, then gently pull it apart to widen the opening before moving it along your body. penis. Lubrication can also facilitate this process.

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How long can Eddie by Giddy be worn?

Wear the gadget for up to 30 minutes at a time and wait at least an hour between each use.

What is Eddie’s cleaning method by Giddy?

Individuals can clean their ED ring with warm water and antibacterial soap. To minimize irritation or allergic reactions, bleach, chlorine, and other potentially harsh chemicals should be avoided.

You can either let your gadget dry naturally or dry it using a cloth or paper towel.

Is the product comfortable to use?

This device tightens the veins but not the urethra or arteries, which makes it more pleasurable than metal tightening rings.

According to reviewers, size is crucial for overall comfort.

Does it lead to an erection?

No, wearing it alone will not result in an erection. Instead, it works to maintain and maintain your erection after sexual arousal. The gadget maintains an erection by allowing unrestricted blood flow into the penis and restricting blood flow out of the penis.

Try applying the device before sexual stimulation to determine if it works to maintain your erection during arousal, as this can be done while you are inactive. If you are unable to get an erection while using the device, you should consult your doctor to determine why there is not more blood flow to the penis.


Erectile dysfunction is a common chronic condition that makes it difficult or impossible for individuals to achieve or maintain an erection throughout their sexual performance.

There are several treatment options, including medications, pumps, and rings. Giddy’s Eddie is a U-shaped silicone ED ring that, since it does not compress the urethra, may be more comfortable to use than other constriction bands.

According to a number of testimonials, the product is functional if the right size is selected. Users will need to change it once every few months as it will eventually stretch.

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