3 Gadget Tech Experts Say You Shouldn't Buy As Gifts Because They're Virtually Useless

3 Gadget Tech Experts Say You Shouldn’t Buy As Gifts Because They’re Virtually Useless

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – and also the time to ask yourself if the tech gadget you want to give someone is going to be something they actually use. Any advice that can relieve you of gift-buying headaches is invaluable. Should you splurge on a more innovative, tech-savvy version of a standard product? Should you go for the latest trendy toy instead of waiting for a more updated version of it that fixes its bugs? It’s not always easy to say, but Tech Expert Ronsy Roland at dealsnplan.com is here to help by suggesting three gadgets that many experts say you shouldn’t buy as gifts because they’re pretty much useless. Ronsy also suggests three gadgets you should get instead.

Don’t Take: Smart Kettles

Smart kettles are an unnecessary tech gadget giveaway this holiday season because they’re often expensive and unnecessary, Ronsy warns. “Smart kettles tend to be more expensive than traditional kettles, and they don’t offer any unique or useful features that aren’t found with traditional kettles,” Ronsy said. “Smart kettles can be controlled remotely via an app or voice commands, and they can also be programmed to heat water at specific times and temperatures. However, these features are not always necessary or useful and do not Also, the technology used for these gadgets is often unreliable and can be prone to glitches and malfunctions.

Don’t Get: Smart Doorbells

It’s not that a smart doorbell isn’t a good gift, it’s that you need to make sure your recipient is tech-savvy before gifting what might be a pain for them.

“Smart doorbells require an internet connection and a mobile device, which means if you don’t have both, you won’t be able to use the device,” Ronsy said. “Also, if you live in an area with poor internet connection, your smart doorbell won’t be able to work properly. Smart doorbells require a lot of maintenance and upkeep, which means you’ll need to be tech savvy enough to Finally, smart doorbells are vulnerable to hackers and aren’t the most secure security option, so they might not be the best choice if you’re looking for a security device.”

Don’t buy VR headsets

Virtual reality headsets are a popular tech gadget gift this holiday season, but they might not be the best choice if you’re looking for a practical gift,” Ronsy said. “Although they provide an immersive experience, they are not particularly useful in everyday life. They require a powerful computer to operate, and many headsets currently available are not compatible with all devices. Also, the content available on VR headsets is limited, so it can quickly get old and boring. Many headphones are also quite expensive, so it might not be a good investment for someone who is not already interested in this type of technology.

Buy them instead

Get: a smart phone

It’s an investment, but for good reason: Smartphones are the perfect gift for just about anyone on your list, according to Ronsy. “Whether it’s a flagship device from Apple or Samsung, or a mid-range device from a lesser-known manufacturer, a smartphone is a great way to stay connected and share memories with your friends and family,” Ronsy said. “Make sure you get the right size for your recipient, as well as the right operating system.”

Obtain: Tablet

A tablet is a great gift for anyone who enjoys reading, watching movies, playing games, or staying connected while on the go,” Ronsy said. “Tablets come in a variety of sizes and prices, so you can find one that fits your budget and your recipient’s needs. Whether you opt for an iPad, Kindle or Windows tablet, your recipient is sure to enjoy a tablet as a gift this holiday season.

Get: Fitness Tracker

Know someone who likes to stay active and monitor their health? A fitness tracker is a thoughtful gift for them, that’s for sure. “With features like step counting, sleep tracking, and activity monitoring, a fitness tracker is a great way to stay motivated and track your progress,” Ronsy said. “Plus, many fitness trackers come with apps and online tools that let you track your progress and set goals.”

With so many tech gadgets positioned as giveaways this holiday season, things can get confusing. Knowing which gadgets are worth your time and money and which are sure to get used — and which ones will stay on someone’s shelf — is a smart way to approach gift giving.

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