In a file photo, an aerial view shows the BASF Geismar site.

BASF enlists LSU to help optimize operations using artificial intelligence

BASF, the world’s largest chemical producer, has worked with chemical engineers at LSU to better understand and predict its own production ebbs and flows using artificial intelligence, or AI.

The project adds to an ongoing partnership between LSU and BASF to develop emerging STEM talent across all disciplines in Louisiana.

BASF’s chemical manufacturing facility at Geismar in Ascension Parish is one of the company’s six largest integrated production sites in 80 countries. It supplies products to a wide variety of industries, including agriculture, construction, energy and healthcare. Chemicals such as solvents, amines, resins, glues, electronic grade chemicals, industrial gases, basic petrochemicals and inorganic chemicals are produced at Geismar in approximately 30 interconnected production units, each containing its own subunits.

In a file photo, an aerial view shows the BASF Geismar site.

“Chemical manufacturing is complex,” said Kerr Wall, digitization manager in BASF’s monomers division and alumnus of Cain’s chemical engineering department (LSU 1999). “Operating conditions can change from minute to minute and there is a lot of data to process. Big data offers a great opportunity to optimize our processes and become more predictive to improve our yields and our use of public services. This will make us more energy efficient and support our global value of producing chemicals for a sustainable future.

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