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(IoV) Internet of Vehicles Market Demand, Key Players and Current Trends with Forecast to 2032 | Key Players: Ford Motor Company, Texas Instruments Inc., Tesla Inc., Audi AG, Intel Corporation, SAP, NXP Semiconductors NV, Apple Inc.

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The IoV (Internet of Vehicle) market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 11.9% during the forecast period, reaching a market size of USD 289.84 billion by 2028. Rising demand for connected vehicles, rising demand smart mobility, increase in vehicle production

Global (IoV) Internet of Vehicle Market 2022 is the latest report from Quince Markets Insights which uses various methodologies to achieve the objectives of examining and presenting in-depth and accurate data regarding the market. The report analyzes successful businesses, such as sellers, sellers, as well as investors based on varying factors. The report is separated into different well-defined sections to provide the reader with a simple and understandable information document. Additionally, each section is crafted with all the necessary data to gain knowledge about the global Internet of Vehicles (IoV) market before entering it or expanding one’s present presence.

The report focuses on the size and scope of the global Internet of Vehicles (IoV) market sectors. The report is ideally and typically punctuated by an illustrative presentation. This outstanding market study provides the latest detailed information and in-depth analysis of this market. It offers a comprehensive market summary with detailed information on vital aspects such as the current market situation, possible dimensions, quantity, and dynamics of this market. It then assesses the potential market outcomes throughout the forecast period, 2022-2032.

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Some of the major companies influencing this market include:

Ford Motor Company, Texas Instruments Inc., Tesla Inc., Audi AG, Intel Corporation, SAP, NXP Semiconductors NV, Apple Inc., Google Inc., IBM Corporation and Cisco Systems Inc.

The global report presents a detailed survey of historical records, current statistics and future forecasts. Major emerging trends and their influence on current and future market scenarios are analyzed in this report. It also studies the global Internet of Vehicles (IoV) market status, growth rate, market share and future trends. It provides key insights on the topics which combined contribute to market revenue. The report acquaints readers with the latest market trends, challenges, opportunities, industry insights, and market share. Report content includes technology, industry drivers, geographic trends, market statistics, market forecasts, raw material/equipment producers and suppliers.

Key Factors Impacting the Growth of the Internet of Vehicles Market:

• Penetration of IoT and cloud services in all major industries
• Emergence of Global Identification (GID) in the automotive industry
• Introduction of Logistics4.0 on the global market

The Internet of Vehicles (IoV) Market report categorically identifies market segments that directly impact the growth potential and roadmap of the target market. The report focuses on presenting accurate index data that enables the readers of the report to have an accurate understanding of the market based on established market players as well as aspirants looking for plausible penetration. ) Vehicle Internet Market.

The Global Internet of Vehicles (IoV) Market is segmented as–

By component (hardware, software, service), by technology (Bluetooth, cellular, Wi-Fi, NFC, Zigbee, other), by type of communication (vehicle to vehicle, vehicle to infrastructure, other)

Following are the segments of the global Internet of Vehicles (IoV) market based on geography:

♦ North America (United States of America, Canada and Mexico)

♦ Asia-Pacific (Japan, China, India, Australia, Rest of Asia-Pacific)

♦ Europe (Germany, UK, France, Rest of Europe)

♦ Central and South America (Brazil, Argentina, rest of South America)

♦ Middle East and Africa (United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Rest of Middle East and Africa)

Additionally, the report presents a quantitative and qualitative narrative of the global Internet of Vehicles (IoV) market. The research report is beneficial for researchers, policy makers, academic institutions and analysts. Thus, the report helps all types of users to identify the strategic initiatives so that they can understand how to expand the global Internet of Vehicles (IoV) market business across the globe for product development. Moreover, the research report provides an in-depth analysis of all the segments that can have an impact on the growth of the market.

Key Developments in the Internet of Vehicles Market:

• In 2018, Tesla Inc. introduced a new Cellular Connectivity Pack for Model S, Model X, and Model 3 starting July 1. According to the California-based electric carmaker, Tesla owners who order their vehicles from July 1 in the future have the option of choosing between a “Premium Connectivity” plan and a “Standard Connectivity” plan. The new internet plans would be rolled out in all of Tesla’s markets, including Europe, Australia and Asia. The Premium Connectivity Pack includes satellite maps with live traffic visualizations and satellite maps. In-car music and media streaming, as well as live updates via cellular data, are also included in the package, along with other apps and services expected to be introduced in the future.

• In 2017, Intel Corporation and Mobileye NV announced the completion of Intel’s tender offer for the outstanding common shares of Mobileye, a global leader in the development of computer vision and machine learning , data analysis, localization and mapping for advanced driver assistance systems and autonomous driving. The acquisition is expected to accelerate innovation for the automotive industry and position Intel as a leading technology provider in the rapidly growing Internet of Vehicles market for highly and fully autonomous vehicles.

• In 2018, Verizon announced the acquisition of Telogis, a developer of telematics and fleet logistics systems used by major automakers like Ford, and commercial GPS vehicle tracking company Fleetmatics.

• In 2016, Cisco completed the acquisition of Jasper, a private company based in Santa Clara, California. Jasper’s cloud-based Internet of Things (IoT) services platform enables businesses of all sizes to quickly and cost-effectively launch, manage, and monetize IoT services on a global scale.

This report answers:

✔What is the Internet of Vehicle (IoV) market size?

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✔How important is tourism in determining sales and demand for Internet of Vehicles (IoV)?

✔What is the impact of COVID-19 and the global recession on the demand for Internet of Vehicles (IoV)?

✔In the wake of COVID-19, how long can personal accessories be expected to recover? Where are the growth opportunities now?

✔Where should future growth be greatest?

Key Specifications and USPs of the report study:

✹ The latest version of the report includes major market players, their business strategies, sales volume, and revenue analysis.

✹ Over 500 pages of research reports (including latest research)

✹Key Buyers and End User Analysis with Year-over-Year Growth

✹ Value chain and supply chain analysis including distribution and sales channels as well as upstream and downstream integration scenarios

✹Updated regional analysis with graphical representations of size, shares and trends in 2022

✹ Manufacturing cost structure analysis and market entry analysis

✹ Porters Five Forces, SWOT and PESTLE analysis

✹ Request an analysis of the impact of the coronavirus / Russia Ukraine conflict on the sectors and the market

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