Your only rule in Elden Ring PvP Coliseums is to have fun

Your only rule in Elden Ring PvP Coliseums is to have fun

Two characters from the Elden Ring engage in a PvP battle.

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elderberry ring got a free PvP expansion with the rollout of Update 1.08 on December 7, which opened up three coliseums in the Lands Between, all ready for your bloodshed. I went back to developer FromSoftware’s open world after a long vacation (hadn’t touched it since spring, needed to check out other games with indoor plumbing in the universe) to test it out, and I was surprised at how much fun I had, although decidedly not a “PvP person”.

Each coliseum, all empty and fairly indescribable battlefields in Limgrave, Leyndell and Caelid, is home to a different kind of conflict. Leyndell’s Royal Colosseum contains 1v1 “Duel Mode” with no respawn, Limgrave Colosseum offers 2v2 “United Combat” with respawn or “Combat Ordeal” free for all with respawn, and Caelid Colosseum has the previously mentioned modes with the addition ability to summon Spirit Ashes.

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And with the coliseums, the update made some necessary balance changes (and five new but eurocentric hairstyles), which I think helps level the playing field, despite a few immediate deaths on my end. Either way, I’ll collect my scattered bones and talk to you about what you need to know about elderberry ringPvP refresh from.

How can I access elderberry ring‘s Colosseum PvP?

Tricky FromSoftware wasn’t going to make Roman fun that easy – you have to break your nerves before you eat. But unlocking the three colosseums isn’t difficult, as long as you know where to go.

  • Limgrave Coliseum: From the Warmaster’s Shack Grace Site, head north towards the circular building (aka the Colosseum) near the shore. Open the main door and touch Marika’s stake inside to enter a match.
  • Leyndell Coliseum: Start at the Grace Site of Ashen Capital Leyndell and head southwest until you’re behind the dead dragon. Jump on the ruins, climb the ladder, go straight, then west along the mountain path to the large gates. Open them and touch the effigy of Marika.
  • Caelid Colosseum: You’ll have to start with the mysterious bit Deep Well of Siofra place of grace. Ride west around the mountain pass, past the big guys trying to kill you with giant arrows, and behind the big jar looking disappointed. Open the door there, touch the effigy.

After accessing all three Colosseums for the first time, they will be available for fast travel. Head to the Roundtable Hold – a smaller statue of Marika to the right of the fireplace in the main room will allow you to choose your battle mode and location.

What balance changes should I expect?

FromSoftware has changed the power of some builds, so fixing players on thrust weapons definitely decreased. According to update the notesthese are the following Colosseum balance changes:

  • Thrusting weapons reduced counterattack damage
  • Certain weapon types cause reduced guard effectiveness for attacks made with a raised shield
  • Straight swords, thrusting swords, heavy thrusting swords, curved swords, axes, spears, double-bladed swords, and katanas all have reduced balance damage.
  • Bestial Sling also reduced balance damage (but people still love spamming it!)
  • Carian Slicer is less powerful

What is the best PvP build right now?

There doesn’t seem to be one version above the others at the moment. People are vibrating, letting their Spirit Ashes take care of each other in “Pokémon” battles and you one-shot with their black magic.

Due to the dominant one-shots, I recommend going for fast, ultra-powerful attacks that can defend themselves like Dragonfire, collapsing starsand Giantsflame take youor weapons like twin blades Where a curved sword.

And if I really had to pick the best build…not pure strength, I’ll tell you. My level 134 character, wielding Great Hammer, died instantly trying to get close to some spellcasters, and I’ve noticed that fast, bloody, upgradable dexterity weapons are the most popular. Slow force weapons fight against them, although I was able to take out opponents in three hits when they finally let me land some.

But, I don’t know, I still had fun losing. It’s certainly fun to try shit, especially in the password-protected battle rooms where you can coordinate with your friends. I had my friend participate in a torch war, for example, and I learned that the torch mast is much more punitive than the Torch. I also found this the scorpion’s sting that causes rot is a fun thing to pull out when you’ve agreed to a bare-knuckle fight. Now you have learned it too.

I wouldn’t worry about attacks that should be considered ‘toxic’, or OP, or recommended builds, or anything – this is a really relaxed update, and more than anything else I think that you should just try to have fun.

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