World's First SyncAR for Spine Surgery Performed at Hoag - Ortho Spine News

World’s First SyncAR for Spine Surgery Performed at Hoag – Ortho Spine News

Co-developed by neurosurgeons at Hoag’s Pickup Family Neurosciences Institute, SyncAR for Spine receives FDA clearance

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., Dec. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Hoag’s innovative spine team performed the first spinal fusion surgery using the recently FDA-cleared Surgical Navigator (SyncAR) for the spine, co-developed by neurosurgeons at Hoag’s Pickup Family Neurosciences Institute and the leader in Surgical Theater medical visualization platform.

SyncAR for Spine uses virtual 3D reconstructions of CT and MRI images to enable detailed visualization of anatomical structures as well as surgical tools and materials. The data-rich hologram produces a lifelike reconstruction of the spine to help surgeons make pre-planned surgical decisions detailed down to the millimeter. By using multiple screens in the AR glasses, real-time 3D feedback maximizes the accuracy of surgical precision and material placement.

Hoag neurosurgeons have previously studied and published the benefits of SyncAR technology in the lab, demonstrating >99% improved accuracy for screw placement in the spine. SyncAR for Spine then received FDA clearance in September 2022, paving the way for its use in the operating room to help real people.

“The integration of augmented reality into the operating room has the potential to improve surgical precision and patient outcomes in hospitals around the world,” said Burak Ozgur, MD, director of Hoag’s Spine Center at Pickup Family Neurosciences Institute, and one of the surgeons who performed the recent SyncAR for Spine procedure.

“SyncAR for Spine not only enables improved navigation in the operating room, but also enables more informed and informed preoperative conversations with our patients. They put on the glasses and discover their own anatomy and the pathology of their own eyes. It’s really empowering,” said Adam Kanter, MD, Associate Executive Medical Director of the Pickup Family Neurosciences Institute, who assisted Dr. Ozgur with the first SyncAR for Spine patient.

Hoag’s Complete Spine Center is a recognized leader and provider of the most advanced non-operative and minimally invasive treatment options available. Hoag’s board-certified and fellowship-trained spine experts provide personalized, patient-centered care that enables them to achieve some of the best clinical outcomes in the nation.

“Much of the discussion about surgical innovation revolves around the next hardware iteration,” said Daniel Yanni, MD, FAANS, vice president of the neurosurgery division, who worked closely with Robert Louis, MD , Chief of Neurosurgery and Empower360 Endowed Chair in Skull Base and Minimally Invasive Neurosurgery, to develop the AR software. “Few people think, ‘How are we changing surgical performance?’ It takes a hospital as forward-thinking as Hoag to advance the way surgery is done.

Dr. Louis agreed, saying the speed at which expert neurosurgeons at Hoag have been able to develop expertise and deploy this cutting-edge technology in the operating room can only happen in a hospital as nimble and innovative as Hoag.

“In a university setting, the speed of evolution would be much slower,” Dr. Louis said. “We have a head start in the development and deployment of cutting-edge technologies. We are excited to bring this technology to our community and beyond.

Dr. Kanter, who spent his last 15 years in academia at UPMC, agrees: “I spent over a decade trying to bring cutting-edge equipment such as robotics and augmented reality in Pittsburgh. At Hoag, everything is already there! Bringing innovative technology into the community is part of the Hoag culture, we imagine and create the future of spine surgery right here in Orange County.

The patient is recovering well and many other patients will benefit from the technology in the future.

SyncAR for Spine’s enhanced view could result in more efficient surgeries, simplified surgical planning, less X-ray exposure and optimal surgical precision. It also helps train existing and future spine surgeons while deploying Hoag’s technology capabilities in hospitals around the world.

For his part, Dr. Ozgur is thrilled that this local technological innovation is elevating the entire field of neurosurgery.


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