NVIDIA AI Enterprise 3.0 Introduces Tools to Accelerate Success |  NVIDIA-Blog

NVIDIA AI Enterprise 3.0 Introduces Tools to Accelerate Success | NVIDIA-Blog

From rapidly fluctuating demand to staff shortages and supply chain complexity, companies have faced many challenges in recent years. Many companies looking for good starts through 2023 plan to use AI and accelerated computing to drive growth while reducing costs.

To support these early adopters, as well as those just beginning their AI journey, NVIDIA has announced a new version of its NVIDIA AI Enterprise software suite to support businesses around the world on a wide range of application-specific workloads. a domain and a sector.

NVIDIA AI Enterprise 3.0 will introduce workflows for contact center intelligent virtual assistants, audio transcription, and digital fingerprinting for cybersecurity – some of the most common applications for businesses embracing AI to better serve their customers .

Scheduled to be available later this month, NVIDIA AI Enterprise 3.0 also extends support for more than 50 NVIDIA AI software frameworks and pre-trained models available on the NVIDIA NGC Software Catalog, optimizing and simplifying deployments of AI for organizations around the world.

German Bank Announces Innovation Partnership with NVIDIA

The new software version comes as Deutsche Bank today announced plans to partner with NVIDIA to accelerate the use of AI in financial services as part of its detection application development strategy. AI-based voice, vision and fraud within the industry.

“AI and machine learning will redefine banking, and we are already working closely with NVIDIA to lead the industry in leveraging these technologies to improve customer service and mitigate risk,” said Gil Perez, Director of innovation and head of the Cloud & Innovation network at German Bank. “Accelerated computing allows traders to manage risk and run more scenarios faster while improving energy efficiency, and NVIDIA AI Enterprise provides the flexibility to support AI development in our infrastructure. hybrid.”

NVIDIA AI Enterprise includes the best development tools, frameworks, and pre-trained models for AI practitioners, plus reliable management and orchestration for IT professionals to ensure performance, high availability, and security.

New NVIDIA AI Enterprise Workflows Accelerate Business Success

This latest version of our secure, cloud-native AI software suite enables organizations to solve business challenges while increasing operational efficiency. It accelerates the data science pipeline and streamlines the development and deployment of AI models to automate essential processes and quickly gain insights from data.

New AI workflows for contact center intelligent virtual assistants, audio transcription, and cybersecurity digital fingerprinting in NVIDIA AI Enterprise 3.0 leverage NVIDIA expertise to reduce the time and cost of development to speed deployment time.

Workflows run as cloud-native microservices using NVIDIA AI frameworks and pre-trained models, as well as Helm charts, Jupyter notebooks, and more. Enterprises can deploy microservices as standalone Kubernetes containers or combine them with other services to build production-ready applications with increased accuracy and performance.

The smart virtual assistant ai solution workflow for contact center enables companies to respond to customers around the clock to reduce wait times and free up time for human contact center agents to respond to more complex requests, while reducing costs. Using Workflow, businesses can develop agents that deliver personalized and accurate responses with natural-sounding voices. By leveraging AI, agents can better understand customers, even on calls with poor audio quality.

With the audio transcription ai solution workflow, businesses can quickly create accurate transcriptions in English, Spanish, Mandarin, Hindi, Russian, Korean, German, French, and Portuguese using NVIDIA’s automatic speech recognition technology. Japanese, Arabic and Italian should be added soon. The transcription workflow leverages fully customizable GPU-optimized templates to enable better understanding, contextual information, and sentiment analysis with real-time precision. Companies can use completed transcripts to improve product development and accelerate contact center agent training.

Using unsupervised learning, the fingerprint ai solution workflow uses threat detection to gain complete data visibility. It improves security by helping companies uniquely identify every user, service, account, and machine on the network to detect abnormal behavior. Once deployed, the workflow provides intelligent alerts and actionable insights to reduce detection time from weeks to minutes to help security analysts quickly identify and respond to threats.

Pre-trained models support explainability and comprehension

NVIDIA AI Enterprise 3.0 also offers unencrypted pre-trained models and source code for the latest version of NVIDIA TAO Toolkit, a low-code AI development solution for creating highly accurate, custom, and ready-to-use AI models. for production for voice AI and computer vision applications.

Unencrypted models are exclusively available with NVIDIA AI Enterprise and support a variety of AI imaging and vision tasks for healthcare, smart cities, and retail, such as pathological tumor detection, person detection, vehicle detection, pose estimation and action recognition.

Using pre-trained models without encryption allows developers to view model weights and biases, which can help with model explainability and understanding model bias. Additionally, unencrypted models are easier to debug and easier to integrate into custom AI applications.

NVIDIA AI Enterprise 3.0 also introduces support for a wide range of NVIDIA AI frameworks and infrastructure options:

  • NVIDIA Clara Parabricks and MONAI Improve Healthcare: New NVIDIA Clara Parabricks support enables faster, more accurate genomic analysis for sequencing centers, clinical labs, genomics researchers, and genomics instrument manufacturers. NVIDIA AI Enterprise also supports MONAI, a domain-specific medical imaging AI framework that provides pre-trained models and a collaborative, scalable workflow for data labeling and model training. Robust AIs.
  • NVIDIA AI frameworks to improve customer service, security, sales and more: The more than 50 pre-trained frameworks and models now supported in NVIDIA AI Enterprise 3.0 include NVIDIA Riva, a GPU-accelerated speech AI SDK for building and deploying fully customizable real-time AI pipelines that deliver world-class accuracy across all major clouds, on-premises, at the edge, and on-board devices. NVIDIA Morpheus enables cybersecurity developers to create optimized AI pipelines to filter, process, and classify large volumes of data in real time. NVIDIA Metropolis Intelligent Video Analytics Platform SDKs, such as TAO Toolkit and NVIDIA DeepStream for vision AI, are supported, as is the NVIDIA Merlin open-source framework for building high-performance, large-scale recommender systems. ladder.
  • Extended Cloud Certification: With NVIDIA AI Enterprise 3.0, organizations with a hybrid cloud strategy now have the ability to run software on GPU-accelerated instances from Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Customers who purchase a license through one of NVIDIA’s channel partners can deploy in OCI with full certification and support from NVIDIA on designated OCI instances. This is in addition to existing NVIDIA AI Enterprise certification for accelerated instances of Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and more.
  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise and NVIDIA extend AI support for hybrid data centers: HPE and NVIDIA will offer a joint offer that supports NVIDIA AI Enterprise 3.0 on HPE GreenLake and HPE Ezmeral. The solution enables customers to accelerate AI application development, securely, by easily acquiring and deploying NVIDIA AI Enterprise on a managed HPE GreenLake instance.
  • Extensive storage and virtualization support: NVIDIA AI Enterprise 3.0 now supports NVIDIA Magnum IO GPUDirect Storage, which provides a direct data path between local or remote storage and GPU memory to further accelerate AI workloads. It also offers extensive virtualization options including Red Hat Enterprise Linux with KVM and VMware vSphere 8.

NVIDIA AI Enterprise is available now. Customers can contact NVIDIA Partners worldwide for pricing. NVIDIA AI Enterprise 3.0 is expected to be available to customers with current and new subscriptions later this month. A license for NVIDIA AI Enterprise is also included with NVIDIA partner servers equipped with NVIDIA H100 PCIe GPUs, including systems from Dell Technologies, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Lenovo, and Supermicro.

Businesses can expand their AI expertise by trying out supported NVIDIA AI frameworks and workflows for free in NVIDIA AI Enterprise on NVIDIA LaunchPad.

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