Preparing for the next Bull Run with Big Eyes Coin, Internet Computer and Ethereum |  NewsBTC

Preparing for the next Bull Run with Big Eyes Coin, Internet Computer and Ethereum | NewsBTC

Financial markets move in cycles of ups and downs. In the crypto market, periods of all-time highs are called bull runs and periods of lows are called bear runs. 2022 has been a slow trickle into the bear cycle, as tokens have risen only a little.

However, it is hoped that 2023 will bring a bull cycle with record profit in the crypto market. With an endless selection of cryptocurrencies to invest in, here are three great crypto projects that could turn a profit in the next bull run.

The Big Eyes coin is the Meme coin of tomorrow

For users looking for a fun and immersive DeFi project, Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is the perfect meme coin project to start with. It is a recent project and has a low market cap that could grow exponentially shortly, creating thousands of dollars in profits for early adopters.

Big Eyes Coin is a remarkable coin that offers great profit opportunities through its various DeFi services that include a DEX platform, NFT collection, and marketplace. The project has also shown great interest in giving back to the community through its ocean conservation charity efforts, which would see 5% of the coin’s total supply go towards securing fish and preserving an excellent source of food for the future. Big Eyes Coin is a highly secure project running on Ethereum and audited by Solidity Finance and Coin Sniper. The team is perpetually committed to the growth of the project and the development of the community. Use promotional code SUSHI982 to get BIG at a discounted price.

The Internet Computer Offers Advantages Associated With Decentralized Cloud Storage

Cloud computing has remained highly decentralized since the dawn of the internet, remaining under the control of web giants like Google, Apple and Amazon. The shortcomings of these companies in securing user information as well as maintaining user anonymity created the need for a more secure and decentralized solution.

Internet Computer (ICP) offers a great solution as it is a decentralized protocol that provides tools for developers to build websites, internet services, and DeFi applications powered by Blockchain technology. Launched by DFINITY, Internet Computer intends to eliminate centralized cloud computing authorities, establishing itself as a safer, more efficient, more reliable and decentralized option. The ICP token is used within the protocol to maintain governance, commerce, pay gas fees, and access cloud services on the protocol.

Ethereum: what the new proof-of-stake transition means

Ethereum (ETH) has set a record as the largest DeFi protocol and ecosystem in the crypto space, catering to a host of sidechains, DeFi apps, metaverses, NFT projects, Crypto altcoins, platforms exchange and markets. For a very long time, it has been secured by the proof-of-work consensus mechanism which involves many miners using high-quality computer equipment to solve complex mathematical problems for a chance to validate transactions and earn a commission in ETH .

However, Ethereum realized the environmental danger of using power-intensive equipment, as well as the efficiency of moving to a more conservative consensus method. So the plan to migrate Ethereum from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake began, and it finally happened in 2022. What does this mean for Ethereum? Well, on the one hand, Ethereum would now become more scalable and interoperable, being able to process hundreds of thousands of transactions without protocol drawbacks. It would also serve as a scaling solution, avoiding dependency on sidechains.

This is good news because now even more users would come to the Ethereum network, increasing adoption and driving up the price. In conclusion, users looking to better position themselves to make profits in the next bull run have great opportunities when choosing projects like Big Eyes Coin (BIG), Internet Computer Protocol (ICP), and Ethereum (ETH) , because these projects have huge potential soon.

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