How Parex used geolocation and device data to improve DOOH performance

How Parex used geolocation and device data to improve DOOH performance

Parex won Best Use of Technology in OOH at the Drum Awards for Digital Advertising APAC 2022 for its recent outdoor digital campaign for its sink faucet brand, InSinkerator – Multitap. Here, dive into the strategy behind the success.

Home and kitchen appliance supplier Parex Industries has partnered with programmatic advertising company Aquire and digital outdoor signage (DOOH) service providers Vistar and Hivestack to maximize the effectiveness of its performance measurement. outside media (OOH).

The Brief

As lockdown orders began to lift – but travel restrictions remained in place – Parex saw the perfect opportunity to capture consumer money. He felt he could capitalize on the growing pace of home improvement projects by encouraging consumers to consider his InSinkerator brand – Multitap, a modern faucet that promises chilled or nearly boiling water on the spot.

Although consumers can buy the faucet online, such a product is normally sold in stores or recommended by plumbers. Parex felt he could increase awareness, accelerate purchase consideration, and ultimately sales, by investing in a strong DOOH campaign.

And while Parex invested fairly regularly in DOOH, the brand was ill-equipped to optimize its spend and measure the performance of these media buys. With a modest budget of just $15,000 and access to 1,300 screens to target audiences across New Zealand, the company tapped programming company Acquire to help allocate DOOH ad spend more efficiently. and quantify the effectiveness of its investments.

The idea

Acquire sought to help Parex realize the benefits of buying outside media programmatically – benefits that include flexibility, minimum screen commitments, tactical buying, and better media tracking and measurement.

The team partnered with Foursquare to create personalized location-based segments based on consumer store visit data. Foursquare has geo-fenced all boutique kitchen and interior design stores across New Zealand. From there, it was possible to optimize DOOH media to only activate ads when there is a high probability that captured user devices are near relevant screens. Combined with audience data on demographics and geolocation provided by Blis, this approach would ensure that Parex reached the right consumers at the right time.

Additionally, the team tapped into Vistar’s Passbook Device ID (DID), a targeting tool that identifies devices exposed to DOOH advertising and shares that data with given vendors. This allowed the team to remarket from offline channels to online channels, reaching target audiences on mobile, display, CTV, social, streaming audio and more. This made the DOOH campaign more effective on other channels.

Historical data revealed that retailer Harvey Norman was the primary driver of InSinkerator – Multitap sales. Armed with this information, the team built geofences around Harvey Norman stores and deployed DOOH ads in the area, then measured hourly affinity scores for each screen. The team then created an augmentation study with the help of Hivestack, which measured device IDs seen in selected stores and DOOH screens. By evaluating this data, Acquire was able to attribute increases in foot traffic by comparing the Harvey Norman visitation rates of the exposed group to those of the control group.

The results

With access to device-level data, Parex and the team were able to remarket to audiences that had already been exposed to the DOOH campaign, reaching them through Meta platforms and ads. display and video from Google. This approach dramatically improved engagement compared to traditional prospecting, delivering a 23% increase in click-through rate and an 18% increase in time spent on site.

At the same time, geofencing enabled by Foursquare has dramatically reduced unnecessary ad spend.

Additionally, through its footfall attribution study conducted in partnership with Hivestack, Parex saw a 37% increase in store visits and a 25% increase in sales of the InSinkerator – Multitap at Harvey Norman stores. .

The campaign marked the first time mobile device credentials have been used in this way in New Zealand. This approach has allowed Parex to be more competitive in its category on a lower budget than many of its competitors, while increasing consideration and sale rates.

This campaign won the Drum Awards for Digital Advertising APAC 2022. You can see all the winners here. The Drum Awards for Marketing are currently open for nominations. Find out how you can enter now.

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