13 years after Steve Jobs' iPad, will Apple copy the design of the Pixel tablet, creating the best iPad ever?

13 years after Steve Jobs’ iPad, will Apple copy the design of the Pixel tablet, creating the best iPad ever?

I don’t have tablets… Is it a phone or a computer? It’s a phone, but less practical?! And it’s a computer but less capable?! How come? Why is that? Sir? Mom ? Please.

I tried using the Apple iPad Pro and was even somewhat enthusiastic about it, until my PS4 controller stopped connecting to it and the iPad erased one of my stories for this website even when I tried to use it as a “real computer” (connected to an external monitor, SSD). My iPad Pro ended up gathering dust, sitting in the corner of my room, so it had to go… And that’s where my “love affair” with tablets ends. For the moment. Because you see… Google might be up to something… better.

In case you missed it, Sundar Pichai & Co (they run a small business called Google) are indeed gearing up for the launch of the first Pixel tablet and, ironically, perhaps what I love about it is how “un-Apple” or “user-friendly” it is.

And what I love even more (as a MacBook and iPhone user) is that Apple could borrow Google’s idea sooner than expected! I know – so many twists! Can’t believe I’m saying this, but yeah – I’m weirdly excited to try a Tablet. And it’s all Google that made it possible. Sorry Tim!

13 years after the launch of the original iPad, Google Pixel Tablet could finally fix tablets by giving them a clear purpose and direction

The key to Google’s big idea for the Pixel tablet starts with the company’s attempt to figure out what tablets are for in the first place; how they use them, and why they don’t use them…enough! The last point is crucial here.

According to Google’s Pixel Tablet announcement (see above), people use their tablets at home about 80% of the time, and even then they’re only useful for certain tasks and scenarios. Plus, they’re super easy to misplace…

All of this helps make the tablets feel like a afterwards, that’s exactly what happened to my iPad Pro before I sold it. I literally forgot I had a tablet until I noticed it was sitting on one of the drawers in the house, and that’s such a shame for a device capable of so much!

But Google cracked it! The Mountain View guys give the Pixel tablet the sound Dock!

It’s like a parking spot for your tablet when you’re not using it by hand, but the best part is that it turns the big screen into a super useful smart display that’s also a picture frame, your Google Assistant. , your powerful Bluetooth speaker for music and how-to videos, and of course the charging station for your Pixel tablet!

It changes everything, and it certainly changes the way I will look at tablets from now on. Making shelves part of your home instead of tucked away in a drawer when not in use is the move!

Rejoice! Apple plans to turn the iPad into a Pixel tablet! Best thing that ever happened to Steve Jobs’ handheld?

All things considered by Google, I’m… a MacBook user! At the moment I am also using a iPhone 13 mini as the main phone. Therefore, integrating a Pixel tablet into my already existing Apple device ecosystem would be hardFortunately, as Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reports, Apple has started working on a docking accessory for the iPad that would allow you to turn the device into a smart home display! Sound familiar? Anyway… Pop the champagne, Apple users!

When you think about it, it’s not that hard to imagine Apple wanting to turn the iPad into a Pixel tablet! Cupertino already has Home Pod and MagSafe technology, and, of course, the iPad itself. These things have to come together, and boom – you’ve got yourself a iPadHouse?! Or whatever his name is.

As I mentioned earlier, the iPad Pro was far from my favorite Apple product, and I think there are several reasons for that, which the iPad-Home Pod idea could easily solve. …

  • iPads are generally expensive, which forces you to think carefully before investing in a device that would lay around most of the time while you’re on your phone, laptop, or TV.
  • The iPad has a history of “not knowing what it wants to be” – recent iPad Pro models come with the M1 and M2 chips, which are powerful enough to be in business-grade laptops but with the limitation of iPad OS
  • The iPad has an industrial design that looks “badass” and aggressive, but all of that makes it more uncomfortable to hold and use; sharp edges on wearable devices really should be a thing of the past if you ask me

But not the Pixel tablet! Google’s device will run on the Pixel 7’s relatively modest Tensor G2 chipset, and I’m willing to bet it won’t come with fancy features like a 120Hz display or Face ID. In fact, he’s pretty sure he’ll use a fingerprint scanner. But guess what? This will allow Google to price the device much more reasonably than an iPad Pro, for example.

And unlike the iPad Pro, which really doesn’t know if it wants to be a full-fledged computer or a tablet, the Pixel Tablet seems to know its place, literally and figuratively (thanks to the awesome docking station) .

And to the last point, I don’t know about you, but the curved edges of the Pixel tablet, its seemingly lightweight (plastic) body, and even its relatively thick bezels make it look like the tablet I want to hold while watching videos or playing games.

So why not take a few cues, Apple? Go all the way!

Google could finally fix tablets by giving them a clear purpose and direction (Apple should too!)

You may have noticed how the “Pixel 7 vs. The 14″ iPhone rivalry model carries over to the Pixel Tablet-iPad argument, and that’s because…it really is! It’s slowly becoming clear that Google’s “trick” will be to bet on practical devices and form factors, smart features and competitive prices.

Now, no one can say this will be a successful business model in the already unequal fight against the Big Apple, but does it matter! Frankly, I don’t think Google cares! A company that generates 99% of its turnover in not selling phones and tablets is not need selling phones and tablets to survive is exactly what allows Google to play and experiment with different products!

As users, we want to see devices that make sense to us and that we can derive more value from. Needless to say, innovation is always welcome too! Therefore, if the Pixel tablet is shaping up to be one of the best product ideas of 2023, I’d like the iPad to follow in its footsteps as soon as possible!

That is, of course, until the Pixel Fold is out! Because if the future of tablets isn’t smart displays, then they’re destined to turn into foldable phones. Right?

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