Reviews on Power Pro Heater - Portable Heater That Works Or Scam

Reviews on Power Pro Heater – Portable Heater That Works Or Scam

The Power Pro Radiator is a state-of-the-art alternative to old-fashioned, noisy radiators. The compact size portable fan heater is efficient and practical. It operates at extremely low decibels while generating enough heat to raise the interior temperature to more comfortable levels. This innovative heating unit will condition and create impeccable levels of comfort in your home during the winter.

What is PowerPro?

Power Pro is a fast-acting and long-lasting heating gadget with state-of-the-art features. Originally invented by Nikola Tesla, the world famous Serbian-American electrical engineer, the gadget helps you save space, money and time. It heats up in 3 seconds, fits in minimal spacing and operates ultra-efficiently. The compact plug-in gadget can reduce your heating costs by up to 90%. It is a multi-function unit with nice modern technologies like ceramic heater, adjustable wind settings, anti-tilt switch and overheat protection.

How does the Power Pro heater work?

Power Pro is a plug-and-play heating unit that plugs into a standard household outlet. When plugging the device into the power outlet, its green LED will indicate the connectivity status. Electrical energy from the outlet travels to the ceramic heating elements inside the heating element via the power cable. The heating element absorbs electrical energy and releases it in the form of hot air. A unique feature of this heater is its ability to generate heat in 3 seconds and distribute enough to make your space comfortable in 30 minutes.

Power Pro Radiator Superior Features

The Power Pro heater has a pleasing architectural design and ultra-modern features that make it hard to resist. Imagine a heating unit that can be positioned at multiple angles while providing the same heating capacity. Not to mention its solid construction and multifunctionality. There are many unique and useful features that you will discover in this home heater.

Architectural exclusivity

The best selling feature of the Power Pro Heatsink is its exclusively molded triangular shape. Multi-triangle molds on the radiator support 360 degree positioning. You can adjust the unit to sit on any side you want. Additionally, Power Pro has an adjustable wind setting, allowing you to adjust the heating speed.

Integrated automatic thermostat

The built-in automatic thermostat is another nice feature. Wondering how a thermostat works inside a heating system? Power Pro’s built-in automatic thermostat keeps room temperatures high. Therefore, the heater requires minimal energy to heat your home and maintain comfortable temperatures. And if your heater overheats, the programmed overheating system will shut it down to prevent any damage.

Sustainable construction

Value is directly proportional to the lifespan and quality of a product. A product that can last for years provides optimal service that meets all standards of value. In addition to high-end technologies, Power Pro has a robust construction. Its exterior is made of strong P166+GF30 flame resistant ABS material. The material is not only resistant to fire but also to damage.

Fine fence system

The last most desirable feature of the heater is its fine fence system. This protects interior components from damaging foreign materials while promoting safe heat dissipation.

Who is the Power Pro heater for?

The tech-savvy team behind the Power Pro heater had owners in mind when innovating and designing this powerful heater. Studies and customer suggestions have informed them of the creation of a product that tackles nearly every home heating paint spot. The powerful heater provides value upfront and in the long run. You get one unit for $57, saving you up to 90% on heating costs. Anyone looking for an affordable, reliable and durable heater that combines performance and portability can never go wrong with a Power Pro heater.

Main advantages and disadvantages of Power Pro

Power Pro ticks the boxes of efficiency, reliability, portability and performance. However, that doesn’t mean it meets all the criteria that every homeowner looks for in a portable heater. Stay tuned for more on the pros and cons of Unity.


  • Solid and sturdy construction for long term service
  • The affordable initial cost of just $57
  • Energy efficient operation saves you up to 90% on energy bills
  • Portable and user-friendly design
  • Designed for everyday use
  • Requires no expensive or tedious installation
  • It heats up in 3 seconds and heats your space in 30 minutes
  • The unit has a decibel value of only 50dB, while the fan’s decibel value is 40-50dB
  • It has an automatic constant temperature function and an automatic shut-off function.
  • Its only 600/1000 watts so its pretty energy efficient
  • It comes with a 30 day money back guarantee

The inconvenients

  • The product is only available on the official website of the manufacturer
  • There are limited products available for purchase


Due to your old faulty heating system, are you struggling to keep your home warm and livable during the winter? Or are you unhappy with the huge energy bills you pay every winter season? Get the state-of-the-art, energy-efficient Power Pro heater today. This unit not only operates efficiently, but also quietly and reliably.


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