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God of War Ragnarok players agree: This Berserker boss fight is

God of War Ragnarok reserves its toughest challenges for optional and post-game content, with the 12 undead Berserkers found in the realms being one of the toughest obstacles to clear. But rather than the big boss Berserker King, he was one of the original 12 that pushed me and countless other players to the brink. I’m not telling lies or hyperbole when I say that Svipdagr the Cold and the Sisters of Illska can trash each other.

A few of the Berserkers can be annoying due to their evasive AI, area-of-effect attacks, ranged spam, summons, or status effects, but only Svipdagr and his two sisters pack all of these. elements and much more into one incredibly aggravating element. meet. I’ve spent hours of my life getting pulverized by those three (on the game’s second-highest difficulty, a step back from the hardest because I’m no lunatic), and Judging by the status of the God of War and Ragnarok-specific subreddits, I’m not alone.

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