'Fortnite' is back online after 'fractured' live event and server downtime

‘Fortnite’ is back online after ‘fractured’ live event and server downtime

Updated 4/12/22. See the update below.

Fortnite was taken offline following an epic, albeit somewhat overlong, live event that saw the destruction of the Chapter 3 map and the assembly of the new Chapter 4 map, courtesy from Paradigm.

The event itself was pretty cool. You’re in space, basically, with several small floating islands hovering around zero point, that giant, glowing orb in the image above.

Your objective here was to gather Energy Orbs to channel power into Zero Point so Paradigm could use it to power their map building. To do this, you had to find orbs around the map and complete mini-games and challenges such as:

  • Matching accessories around the floating islands, such as flamingos.
  • Watch flashbacks of previous live events like the Rocket and the Mech vs Monster battle.
  • Perform NPC quests like building a snowman, throwing a chicken into ground zero, etc.

As the Paradigm rolled into more and more islands, new areas to explore became available, as well as more places to find orbs.

I think I reached 44 points at the end of the event. I recorded everything but the video footage is corrupt or I will share it with you here. I’m actually quite frustrated about this!

As the final cutscene unfolded, we spotted a few familiar faces – the same skins I wrote about in the leaks before the event: Geralt Of Rivia, Mr. Beast, The Hulk, DOOM Guy, and what appear to be the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Toy Story characters.

The new map looks pretty cool! I’m excited to dive back in because I really haven’t played much lately and haven’t played Chapter 3 much in the last year. Maybe it can breathe new life into the game.

While the prop hunting and all was fun, it could have been more fun if we also had a huge co-op battle against The Herald in the first place instead of just a cutscene. Never mind! I still had fun.

The event ended with the cutscene below:

When is Fortnite coming back online?

We don’t have an exact time yet, but according to the Xbox game post, Chapter 4 starts on December 4th. That means the first servers could come back online at midnight ET / 9 p.m. PT. I think the servers are more likely to come online in the middle of the night, around 3am ET / midnight PT. In other words: the servers will be online when you wake up tomorrow morning and download the new update.

Epic Games rarely announces the exact time servers are due to come back online, and in the past they’ve made players wait days between seasons. That doesn’t seem to be the case here. If we get more solid times, I’ll update this post. If for some reason the game does not come back online tomorrow, I will update this post. For now, your best bet is to stay up later or, if you’re wise, get a good night’s sleep and jump the next morning.

At the moment I can’t even log into Fortnite and I’m apparently logged out of my Epic Game Store on my PC while just playing the game! I’m getting connection errors which I assume are related to the game update. Very strange. Anyway, more to come. . . .

Stay tuned!

Update: Servers are back online!

Fortnite: Battle Royale is back online after a long period of unavailability. Although the game was offline for half of the day yesterday and most of the night, it’s still a short downtime compared to the end of Chapter 1 and the beginning of the chapter 2, when Fortnite disappeared into a black hole and the servers did not turn on again for several days.

It’s a stunt Epic Games might not want to risk a second time. Going offline for 12 or 15 hours builds hype and anticipation; going offline for four days could land players in the arms of another title.

In any case, much is new in Fortnite today because we have Chapter 4, Season 1 to explore. This includes:

  • An all-new map with all-new points of interest to explore (plus a few new ones).
  • A new Battle Pass with a bunch of new skins including The witcher’s Geralt of Riv and the Doom Slayer of LOSS. Check out all these skins here.
  • In season, Epic will release Creative 2.0 which enables Fortnite players to have fun with the power of Unreal Engine 5 to create. . . we will see! Wonderful things, no doubt! Creative should really come into its own next month when it launches.
  • Motorcycles! Finally! You can now ride two wheels for the first time. I can’t believe it took Epic Games this long, to be honest. Better late than never . . . .
  • New weapons like the Twin Mag SMG, Tactical Pistol, Thunder Shotgun, Maven Auto Shotgun, and Red-Eyes Assault Rifle. Also a shock hammer and sword-gun combo called the Ex-Caliber Rifle (which is a clever Arthurian pun, I have to admit).
  • Unvaulted weapons like the SCAR. Tactical AR is coming soon as well, this time with a red dot sight with an orange tint.
  • Loot Drones
  • A new Slap Juice consumable that gives you faster stamina regeneration.
  • New default skins
  • A new Victory Umbrella.

And much more! I’m diving into the map today to get a better idea of ‚Äč‚Äčeverything that’s new to the game and will summarize it in a separate post later here on this blog. Stay tuned! We also have all the Christmas festivities to look forward to, so even more changes are on the way.

What do you think of the new chapter and new season so far? let me know about Twitter or facebook.

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