World AIDS Day: Durex through youth-focused initiative "The Birds and Bees Talk" partners with Hornbill Festival 2022

World AIDS Day: Durex through youth-focused initiative “The Birds and Bees Talk” partners with Hornbill Festival 2022

To commemorate ‘World AIDS Day’, Durex with its youth and adolescent focused initiative – the Birds and Bees Talk (TBBT) program is attending the 23rd edition of Nagaland’s iconic Hornbill Festival at Naga Heritage Village Kisama .

The ten-day “Festival of Festivals” has drawn significant attention as India plans to bring the Hornbill Festival to the G-20 in line with Prime Minister Modi’s recommendation not to limit the G- 20 to urban cities and display the rich heritage and culture of India.

Durex The Birds and the Bees Talk with the Department of Tourism, Nagaland will celebrate the rich culture, art and music of the tribes in the beautiful heritage village of Kisama during the 23rd edition of the iconic Hornbill Festival 2022 as a “health partner”.

The Vice President of India – Jagdeep Dhankar inaugurated the ceremony on December 1, in the presence of the Governor of Nagaland – Prof. Jagdish Mukhi, Chief Minister of Nagaland – Neiphiu Rio, Festival Host and Advisor for Tourism, Art and Culture – H. Khehovi Yeputomi.

Other guests include – French Ambassador to India – Emmaneul Lenain, Her Majesty’s Trade Commissioner for South Asia and British Deputy High Commissioner for Western India – Alan Gemmell and Australian High Commissioner to India – Barry O’Farrell Ao.

Meanwhile, the main guest of the festival – Mr. Ravi Bhatnagar, Director of External Affairs and Partnerships at SOA, Reckitt, spoke during the keynote speaker session. He said, “Nagaland has pioneered its approach to fighting discrimination and erasing the stigma suffered by marginalized people. Nagalanders’ support for The Birds and the Bees Talk initiative focusing on inclusion, equity, awareness, consent and protection indicates a deep understanding of sexual diversity and acceptance.

The session was moderated by the Advisor for Information and Technology (IT), Science and Technology, New and Renewable Energy – Mmhonlumo Kikon.

TBBT is taking the opportunity to reach out to youth and teens to raise awareness and educate about important growing up issues through an innovative gaming and virtual reality experience during the festival.

The exhibition located in the bamboo pavilion was opened by Thavaseelan K (IAS), Senior Director, School Education, Project Director, NECTOR and CEO, State Health Authority, Government of Nagaland.

The students of GHSS Jotsoma were the special guests of the exhibition and they experienced the beauty of Nagaland from a bird’s eye view through virtual reality.

The Birds and Bees Talk focuses on the principles of protection, awareness, consent, inclusion and fairness, which are incorporated into the game through an all-new “avatar”. The festival is also supported by the Assocham Foundation.

Citing North East India as a strategically important region for them to make a significant difference to the health of the nation, Senior Vice President South Asia at Reckitt – Gaurav Jain, said: “ Reckitt aims to protect, heal and nurture in the relentless pursuit of creating a cleaner, healthier world. Reckitt’s economic and social impact initiatives contribute to 13 of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals to help Indians lead healthier and more hygienic lives. Our collaboration with the prestigious Hornbill Festival is our way of ensuring our vision of One Health, One Planet, One Future is driven by young adults and youth across the North East.

Tying TBBT with the broader goal of having an informed and responsible youth, Nagaland’s Minister of Higher Education and Tribal Affairs – Temjen Imna Along shared, “Nagaland’s festival country is proud to hosting the 23rd edition of the Hornbill Festival and with The Birds And Bees Talk being a health partner of the festival, together we are strong for the young people of Nagaland by making their future healthier and happier.

“The TBBT program in Nagaland focuses on training and educating teenagers in life-changing life skills. The program always features innovative and fun ways to connect with young people and the community. Having Hornbill as an objective health partner is a great way to spread the right knowledge and information,” said Thavaseelan K (IAS), Senior Director, School Education, Project Director, NECTOR and CEO, State Health Authority , Government of Nagaland.

“Hollbill means unity in diversity and a way to bring people together from everywhere. TBBT talks about core values ​​like consent, fairness, protection, inclusion and adolescent awareness. And this year, TBBT being part of the grand festival as an objective partner is a necessary intervention,” said Keduosieu Metha, Director of Nagaland Tourism Department.

“I would like to express my thanks and gratitude to the Nagaland Ministry of Tourism for their full support in the exponential growth of the program. The continuous inputs from the system have welcomed and stimulated our efforts and given us a boost to improve our performance and affect the lives of millions of young people for their holistic development,” said Asif Mohammed, Executive Director of Plan India.

The Festival of Festivals will welcome guests from all states and nations representing the rich culture of various tribes in Nagaland and with TBBT as its health partner, the partnership will reach out to the youth and people of Nagaland ensuring that the youth and India’s future become healthier and happier.

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