A study reveals the most common reasons why a smartphone should be thrown away

A study reveals the most common reasons why a smartphone should be thrown away

It’s Friday so you might be ready to hear an incredible statistic. First, we’d like you to guess how many smartphones are going to be thrown away this year. Well, according to Green smartphones, 5.3 billion handsets will be discarded in 2022. Heck, we remember when the active number of smartphones wasn’t even close to that number.

The main reason phones break is because they stop charging

The guys and gals at Green Smartphone were curious to find out what drives consumers to throw away their phones. In other words, what are the most common reasons why smartphones break? So using Google, they decided to see which issues garnered the most complaints. And topping the list is a phone’s inability to charge that sends a third of discarded handsets to a landfill in Secaucus next to the remains of Jimmy Hoffa. And that makes sense; after all, a phone that can’t charge is useless.

The most common reason for a phone to stop charging is that the charging port is full of dirt or debris. using compressed air can help clear the port. Before throwing this phone in the trash, you may consider changing the battery or using another cable or plug. But if you’re looking for an excuse to upgrade (“Sorry dear, I just have to buy a new phone because mine won’t charge. We can wait 24 months to buy your insulin, right?), this one This And if you have a problem with your spouse, just show him this article.

The study found that a broken touchscreen is the second most likely reason for calling time of death on a phone. Again, this makes sense because once your touchscreen can no longer register touch, you can’t do anything with it. And the touchscreen is such a sensitive part of a smartphone that unless it’s covered with a screen protector, it’s exposed, ready to be smashed in one fell swoop. This is the reason cited by 10% of those who buried their smartphone. The second most common reason consumers abandon their smartphones with 9% of the total is that the speaker stopped working.

Why did you remove your old phone?

When you think about it, losing your phone’s speakers isn’t any easier than losing the touchscreen. No sound, no calls. No music or mobile games. Not good. A smartphone’s propensity to overheat is linked to broken speakers and accounts for 9% of the most common reasons for a phone to fail. Most phones overheat from time to time, but it’s not good to constantly burn your hands trying to make a call.

The fifth most likely reason for a smartphone to break, capturing 8% of the top 13 reasons, is a broken microphone. This is related to a broken touch screen and a broken speaker. Making and taking calls can be difficult without a working microphone.

The next three reasons why a phone crashes, each garnering 7% of the total, include a battery draining too quickly, a camera not working, and the inability to connect to a Wi-Fi network. Battery draining fast can be a software issue, but it’s also seen on older phones that are ready for retirement. If you’re not using beta software and your phone is getting long in the tooth, it’s time to do the human thing and get a new device. Frankly, we would have expected battery complaints to be higher on the list.

The ninth most common reason for a phone to break down is that Bluetooth isn’t working (4% of total). With the growing number of wireless Bluetooth headphones and non-cellular smartwatches in use, this issue would be enough for some (probably more than you might think) to throw off their daily driver.

The following two issues represent 2% of the most common reasons why smartphones break down and they are often connected. Whether it’s the volume button not working or the power button broken, it’s a rare event that can still prevent someone from using their handset.

And two less likely reasons for throwing your current phone away, which only happen 1% of the time, are faulty GPS and the inability to use wireless charging.

What prompted you to retire the last phone you replaced? Was this one of the reasons we mentioned in the article? Let us know by dropping your comments in the box below.

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