GIGABYTE places great emphasis on user-friendly design and user experience across all of its devices - IGN

GIGABYTE places great emphasis on user-friendly design and user experience across all of its devices – IGN

GIGABYTE is known for its motherboards, graphics cards, computers, monitors, etc. elegant and capable, but what is perhaps less known is the importance he places on making these devices as user-friendly as possible. A technology may look and function at a high level, but if it is obtuse and difficult to use to its full potential, it can become a kind of waste of time and money.

To help you share the work GIGABYTE has done to make its products go beyond a simple piece of technology, we’re here to break down user-friendly design choices and exemplary user experience into five of its biggest categories. of products: motherboards, graphics cards, desktops, laptops and monitors.

GIGABYTE’s AMD AM5 X670, B650 and Intel Z790 gaming motherboards are equipped with technology that makes them as easy to upgrade as possible. This includes a DIY-friendly PCI-e and M.2 device quick installation and removal design. The GIGABYTE Z790 and B650 AERO G models include the VisionLINK function which allows data and video transfer and even 60W charging with a USB Type-C cable.

Going further, the EZ-Latch mechanism allows the motherboard to easily detach from the PCIe 5.0 x16 SMD slot and the SSD can be removed from the M.2 slots with a screwless, quick-release design.

GIGABYTE’s AMD AM5 and Intel 700 series support AMD EXPO and Intel XMP overclocking memory modules for maximum compatibility, and GIGABYTE BIOS comes with pre-installed profiles to help users achieve great performance and start overclocking without having to tinker too much. When you have a compatible motherboard, the Native DDR5 frequency will be automatically boosted when the system is under heavy load with one click.

In addition to GIGABYTE graphics cards performing at levels that match or exceed the competition, the latest AORUS RTX™ 40 Series MASTER models are also equipped with an LCD monitor that will allow you to monitor your performance and power in real time. Plus, you can customize the display to your heart’s content, including temperature, usage, clock speed, fan speed, VRAM usage, VRAM clock, and power. total map to make sure it gives you the information you need and also some additional custom display options. text, images and GIF animations.

AORUS GeForce RTX 4090 Master

AORUS GeForce RTX 4090 Master

To top it off, GIGABYTE’s new anti-sag brackets are matched to the specifications of each GIGABYTE RTX™ 40 series air-cooled graphics card and provide optimized reinforcement and an even more striking appearance.

While building your own PC can be a truly rewarding experience that allows you to craft your dream computer, the process can be a bit daunting for those who have never done it before. With DIY kits like the AORUS Stealth 500 model, the only challenge has to be waiting for it to arrive so you can gain access to the building.

The Stealth 500 features a custom combination of motherboard, graphics card, and PC case that have all been meticulously engineered to eliminate the pain points of cable clutter, installation headaches, and obstructed airflow which can lead to overheating.

When designing the Stealth 500, GIGABYTE made sure that users wouldn’t have to deal with an excessive amount of cable connections or a clutter of cable management. As well as making this experience easier, it keeps the tower looking great with improved airflow.

GIGABYTE laptops, and laptops in general, may not be as customizable as their desktop counterparts, but that doesn’t mean they can’t include features that make the experience that much better.

For Alder Lake H-series AORUS and AERO laptops, that means four-sided 3mm super thin bezel displays with a 90% screen-to-body ratio. With less hardware and more screen, these GIGABYTE laptops deliver an incredibly immersive experience not only for your favorite games, but also for maximizing productivity in your work.

There’s a reason why manufacturers of laptops, monitors, TVs and phones try to remove as much bezel as possible on these devices, because the viewing experience is one of the most important. Perfecting this aspect is what GIGABYTE works so hard on.

GIGABYTE offers a wide range of 4K gaming monitors designed for gamers, focusing on the features they need and the ones they never knew they wanted. From exclusive tactical features like Black Equalizer 2.0, aim stabilizers and more to an Arm Edition model that frees up space on your desk, there really is something for everyone.

Speaking of Black Equalizer 2.0, this technology independently adjusts the black equalizer of the 1296 score at the same time, meaning you’ll get the blackest blacks without compromising other display areas. Aim Stabilizer Sync, on the other hand, allows both Motion Blur Reduction technology and V-Sync technology to operate at peak performance at the exact same time. GIGABYTE’s monitors also feature OSD Sidekick which allows you to easily configure the OSD with a keyboard and mouse. For AORUS models, users will also be able to take advantage of active noise cancellation, even if they don’t have a headset.

GIGABYTE M Series monitors also include KVM technology that allows you to easily connect and replace your keyboard and mouse with mobile phones and tablets. Finally, the previously mentioned Arm Edition monitors are the ultimate space-saving solution that frees up your workspace and allows you to position your monitor exactly where you need it. Designed with gamers’ installation flexibility and ergonomic comfort in mind, the GIGABYTE M32U and M28U Arm Edition models come with an ergonomic monitor arm for mounting directly on the desk. The Arm Edition can accommodate a wide range of desktop scenarios ranging from PC gaming to console gaming to streaming media, realizing true 4K entertainment.

GIGABYTE values ​​first and foremost providing an amazing experience to its users. This comes in the form of high-performance, sleek and stylish looks, and a user experience that takes all the pain and confusion out of technology. This mantra extends across all of its product categories, and users can rest easy knowing that all of their needs are catered for when they choose to go with GIGABYTE.

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