Professor Liliane Wong demonstrates the augmented reality walk along the Pell Bridge exhibit that visitors will be able to view on Saturday.

Newport Pell Bridge VR Experience at Old Colony House

NEWPORT — A year after the Rhode Island School of Design and Bike Newport used virtual reality to imagine a bike- and pedestrian-friendly way to cross from Jamestown to Newport, a larger-scale version of the same exhibit has made its debut. way to Newport for residents to consider a multimodal Pell Bridge.

“Yes, we can cross a bike/pedestrian path (Pell Bridge) like they did to cross the St. Lawrence to Montreal, and all the other big bridges in the world, but we can also do something different. experiential is what RISD students and faculty open our eyes to and give us a chance to experience first-hand,” said Bari Freeman, Executive Director of Bike Newport. “It’s very real, it’s very accessible… It’s time to have that conversation.”

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